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Vodafone: 0870 280 9491

Vodafone operates as a full-service telecom and media company, offering services throughout the world. In the United Kingdom, residents are able to take advantage of services such as pay television, broadband internet, phone service, and more. Support for each of these services if provided by the Vodafone customer service department. To learn more about the services offered by this company, read the following overview or call the Vodafone contact number and speak with one of the many support staff who are waiting to take your call.

Vodafone Contact Number:
0870 280 9491

Vodafone Help and Support

Vodafone offers services to both residential and business customers. Support for all customers is offered in several different forms. The same as most major service providers, the company has a complete FAQ section on their website, along with a large variety of information topics that can be browsed. There is also an eForum which allows customers to ask for help online, and the company can also be found on social media. Another online option is Live Chat, which allows customers to speak to an adviser 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For faster, more direct assistance, call the Vodafone phone number and speak with a customer service agent. Agents are available to take your call Monday to Sunday from 8am to 9pm. The support team can help with many things, such as ordering or cancelling service, explaining charges that appear on your billing statement, troubleshooting service problems, addressing any complaints that you may have, and more. Another option for direct support would be to visit on of the store locations. Vodafone customer service can provide you with the address of a store location nearest you.

Standard and Fibre Home Broadband

Vodafone offers unlimited standard broadband, along with a selection of unlimited fibre broadband speeds. The two speed options are up to 38Mbps (Fibre 38) and up to 76Mbps (Fibre 76). Standard broadband speeds are up to 17Mbps. At this time, a £18 line rental fee applies to standard broadband, but the fee is waived for those who order fibre. Special discounts and pricing are subject to change, therefore it is best to call the Vodaphone phone number to speak with someone who can provide information regarding current specials and pricing.

Home phone service is provided with most Vodafone broadband services. The service does not have to be used, but if it is, there may be costs. Customers can choose from various service packages that provide free calls during certain times of the day or days of the week or a completely unlimited calling plan. International calling plans are available. Contact Vodafone customer services to enquire about calling plans or the exact charges for any calls that you may be making from your home or business line.

New customers should note that Vodafone Home Broadband and Phone services are subject to a credit check, acceptance, and the availability of services in your area. An 18-month minimum contract term agreement is required. A fibre activation charge in the amount of £49 will apply to all new fibre orders. A new line provision fee of £60 could also apply to those who don’t currently have a BT Openreach line. Other service and maintenance charges may apply, such as line rental and a router delivery charge. It is best to call the Vodafone telephone number to enquire about charges prior to ordering new service.

Switching to Vodafone Broadband

There will be no need to contact your current internet supplier to let them know of a change unless it’s Virgin Media. Otherwise, the company will do it all for you. If you are currently a Virgin Media customer, you need to complete and submit a form to let them know that you’re leaving. The Vodafone customer service team can provide you with the correct form. Remember to ask about any early termination fees before you make the switch. If you are under contract and the contract period as not expired, termination fees are likely to apply.

vodafoneNOW TV Entertainment Pass

Vodafone now offers television viewing options via its NOW TV Entertainment Pass. Customers can choose a NOW TV Entertainment Pass and then be provided with up to 24 months of the top pay TV channels that are not available on Freeview. The Entertainment Pass provides 11 pay TV channels, on demand viewing for watching missed episodes, and over 250 box sets that can be viewed at any time. Customers can choose from a Pay Monthly Red Value Bundle or a SIM-Only Red Value Bundle to receive these services. Other viewing options are available. Dial the Vodafone contact number to learn more.

NOW TV channels include:

  • Sky Atlantic
  • Sky 1
  • Sky Living
  • Sky Arts 1
  • Gold
  • MTV
  • Fox
  • ITV Encore
  • Discovery
  • Nat Geo Wild
  • Comedy Central (select box sets only)

Sky Sports Mobile TV

Sports fans can enjoy up to 24 months of accessibility to Sky Sports 1, 2 and Sky Sports News HQ when selecting a Red Value Bundle (Red Value 2GB Bundle excluded) or a SIM-Only Red Value Bundle. Sky Sports Mobile TV is made available on a variety of devices. The best live sports can be viewed wherever you are, with events including Barclays Premier League, cricket, tennis and many more. To explore the costs for Pay Monthly and SIM Only plans, contact Vodafone. Representatives can explain all of the viewing options and the costs associated with each.

Some customers do require assistance when setting up their Vodafone TV services. For help with first-time setup of NOW TV or Sky Sports Mobile TV, call the Vodafone phone number and speak with a customer service team member. Assistance is available for television viewing and viewing from devices such as tablets, computers, and mobile phones. For help with apps, contact Vodafone. Support is offered for each of the company-specific apps that are now available.

Moving Home – Transferring Vodafone Broadband and TV Service

If you plan to move to a new home and wish to take your Vodafone services with you, call the Vodafone helpline. An agent will first make certain that service is available in the new area that you are moving to. If so, the agent will then submit the request to transfer service. If a home visit for installation is required, you will be able to select a day and time that works best for you. Should you need to reschedule an installation appointment, call the Vodafone phone number as shown here.

Vodafone TV and Broadband Accounts & Billing

Every Vodafone customer will have online access to their account, which includes information regarding billing. It is possible to make some account changes online, while others may require that you contact Vodafone customer service. If you would like to upgrade or downgrade your broadband or television service, contact Vodafone. Billing questions, including an explanation of any charges appearing on a statement, can be dealt with by calling the Vodafone helpline. Support agents may also assist with cancelling service, refunds, payments, information updates, and more.

Reporting Problems to Vodafone Customer Services

Service problems typically fall into one of two categories: complete outage or not performing correctly. In either case, calling the Vodafone contact number is the fastest way to deal with issues pertaining to your television or broadband services. In some cases, problems can be fixed by troubleshooting the issue over the phone. In the case of more service problems, Vodafone customer services may need to send out a technician to your home or business to help. If an equipment fault is to blame, the company may choose to ship new equipment to take the place of an older device. Call the Vodafone contact number to cancel or change a delivery or service appointment.

BT: 0870 280 9507

BT is a provider of television, broadband, phone, and mobile services. BT Group offers services throughout the United Kingdom, while also providing service to the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, the Asia Pacific region, and throughout Europe. By way of the BT contact number, the company offers complete customer support for each of the services that they offer. Call the BT phone number shown here to connect with a live agent who can answer any questions that you might have and provide solutions for problems.

BT Contact Number:
0870 280 9507

How to Contact BT Customer Service

BT offers a substantial self-help section on their website, allowing customers to seek out information on their own prior to calling the BT helpline. They also offer an online community where customers can meet and share information that may be helpful. BT is on social media and is active on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Most however, choose to call the BT contact number and speak with a customer service team member. Phone support is offered Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm, and Sunday from 9am to 6pm.

btBT TV Service Options

BT offers several different pay TV options to customers. Each can be customised according to your viewing requirements. At this time, the three options include: Starter, Entertainment Plus, and Total Entertainment. Each requires a 12-month contract. BT customer services can provide information with regards to what a contract entails. Each service option does include a viewing box. The Starter comes with a YouView box, the Entertainment Plus comes with a YouView+ box, and the Total Entertainment comes with a YouView+ Ultra HD box.

With each BT TV service comes a number of channels, ranging from 80 to 133. At this time, BT Sport can be added to any service level for free. Optional upgrades include BT Sport HD and BT Sport 4K Ultra HD. Some packages also include extras such as:

  • AMC
  • Netflix
  • Sky Sports 1
  • Sky Sports 2
  • Sky Cinema
  • Kids TV
  • BT TV App
  • BT Store
  • Catch Up TV
  • BT Music
  • And More

There may be an activation charge for BT TV service, dependent upon the service package that is chosen. When shopping for BT Broadband and TV together, you will be required to select a television package first. Should you have questions about the available options or need guidance in the selection process, call the BT contact number and speak with a customer service agent.

Reporting BT TV Service Problems

Problems such as poor picture quality or a faulty viewing box should be reported by calling the BT TV helpline. A complete service outage should also be reported. The BT website does provide a tool that allows customers to check for area-wide service outages. It is best to use this tool before calling the BT contact number to report an outage. Typically, problems can be resolved by simply reporting them to the company or by completing a few troubleshooting steps with a BT support agent. However, it may be necessary for a technician to come to your home to complete repairs. If this is necessary, the customer service agent that you speak with will set a repair appointment with you.

BT Broadband Service Options

BT Broadband is offered in three service packages: Unlimited Broadband which offers speeds up to 17Mb, Unlimited Infinity 1 with speeds up to 52Mb, and Unlimited Infinity 2 with speeds up to 76Mb. All three of these service options offer unlimited data and a set amount of cloud storage (100GB for the Broadband and Infinity 1, 500GB for Infinity 2). A hub is also provided with each service option, with the Home Hub 4 coming with standard broadband and a BT Smart Hub coming with either of the Infinity options.

Home phone service is included and calls within the UK are completely free on the weekend. Additional calls may cost extra, so do contact BT to enquire about calling rates for various times and locations. Note that a line rental fee of £18.99 does apply to all BT Broadband service packages at this time, and in some cases, an activation fee will as well. New customers are advised to contact BT customer service to obtain a complete breakdown of all fees and costs that are associated with ordering new service, including one off and recurring costs.

Reporting BT Broadband Service Problems

Internet issues and equipment problems are possible from time to time. Calling the BT Broadband contact number is the fastest way to receive assistance. A member of the technical department can assist you with troubleshooting, and often, problems are solved within just one call to the BT phone number. In the case of faulty equipment, BT will provide a replacement (provided that the damage is of no fault of your own). If necessary, the company will send a repair technician to your residence or business location to complete repairs that cannot be solved over the phone.

Ordering BT TV + Broadband

Most customers choose to order BT TV and Broadband in a combined package in order to receive the best deal. When ordering online, the process will start with selecting a pay TV package, after which, a internet package will be chosen. All optional extras will be displayed, along with the charges for each. For new customers, special deals and pricing will be made available. With these often come specific requirements, such as agreeing to a contract term. Call the BT telephone number to request all of the specifics with regards to specials or to skip the online ordering process and order your services over the phone.

Moving Home – Transferring BT TV and BT Broadband

If you are planning a move and wish to take your BT services along with you, call the BT contact number to schedule a service transfer. Any customer service agent can provide you with information about how to complete the transfer with the smallest amount of service downtime. Do check to make sure that service is available in the area in which your new home is located. If it is not, you may be able to cancel your services and exit a contract without paying fees. The support staff can provide instructions for moving your equipment and getting everything set up and running in your new home.

BT Accounts & Billing

All BT customers are able to access their account online if they wish. Once signed in, you will be able to see a list of your services, view your billing statements, pay your bill, and make some changes to your personal information and services. For assistance with passwords, security concerns, or other problems with online accounts, contact BT customer services. Billing questions should also be directed to the customer service team. Payments are accepted by phone. Dial the BT contact number shown here to make a payment on your current or past bill.

Submitting BT Complaints

BT customer service does their best to offer a solution for each complaint. The company has a dedicated complaints area on their website, and does allow customers to submit complaints either online or by calling the BT telephone number. To submit a complaint online, select the service that you are experiencing issues with and then select the specific problem from a list of common issues. If BT support is not able to provide an acceptable solution within eight weeks, the complaint can be escalated by directing your complaint to Ombudsman Services. The contact number for Ombudsman Services in the United Kingdom is: 0330 440 1614.

Virgin Media: 0870 280 9504

Virgin Media offers a wide variety of popular services, such as digital TV, broadband, landline phone service, and mobile phone service. Each of these is made available for both home and business customers and each can be ordered online or by calling the Virgin Media contact number and speaking with a customer service agent. Support is also made available for current customers by way of several contact methods. Read on to learn more about Virgin Media, its many services, and its support system for new and existing customers.

Virgin Media Contact Number:
0870 280 9504

Contacting Virgin Media Customer Service

Help and support are provided in several forms, including self-help options such as an online, interactive FAQ tool that can be accessed on the company website. Customers can also get helpful advice from the online community by paying a visit to the Virgin Media forums. Other online-only options for assistance are email, web chat, and social media. Most, however, choose to call the Virgin Media phone number whenever they wish to bypass these options and go straight to speaking with a support team agent. Phone lines are open seven days a week, from 8am until midnight. Live chat is also an option seven days a week, with the hours being 9am until 10pm.

Virgin Media TV + Broadband Bundle Options

For many, the choice is made to order Virgin Media TV and broadband services together. The good news? Doing so may save you quite a lot of money. The company is continually offering special rates for new customers, including promotions that offer discounted services for a period of time. A call to the Virgin Media contact number will allow you to speak with someone who can explain all the specials, along with what contracts they entail.

At this time, the bundling options include the following:

Big Easy: 60+ channels, with up to 10 HD channels. Up to 50Mbps fibre broadband. Unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile telephone numbers, plus calls to 0870 numbers.

Big Bang: 130+ channels, with up to 11 HD channels. Up to 100Mbps optical fibre. Unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile telephone numbers, plus calls to 0870 numbers.

Big Kahuna 100: 230+ channels, with up to 49 HD channels. Up to 100Mbps optical fibre. Unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile telephone numbers, plus calls to 0870 numbers.

Big Kahuna Sports 100: 235+ channels, with up to 49 HD channels. Up to 100Mbps optical fibre. Unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile telephone numbers, plus calls to 0870 numbers.

VIP: 260+ channels, with up to 66 HD channels. Up to 200Mbps optical fibre. Unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile telephone numbers, plus calls to 0870 numbers.

In order to receive special discounts on these bundles, a 12-month agreement will be required. Activation fees may apply and a line rental charge will be added monthly. Contact Virgin Media customer services to ask about the total monthly charges for bundles, as well as any one-off costs that are associated with ordering new service.

Virgin Media TV Service Options

Customers can order Virgin Media TV without ordering broadband service. There are several options to choose from, including special packages that place a focus on delivering lots of movies, sports, or all-around entertainment. At this time, television service options start at £10 a month with contract agreement and £17.99 a month line rental. Optional extras such as on demand viewing, Netflix, TiVo, and more may be added to TV service. Call the Virgin Media contact number to explore all of the available pay-TV options. Representatives can make recommendations based upon how you watch and what you prefer to watch.

Reporting Virgin Media TV Problems

Television problems such as poor picture quality, lack of service, missing channels, freezing picture, faulty equipment, and more should be reported to Virgin Media customer service. The company does make it possible to check your service status directly from their website. In many cases, troubleshooting measures completed via the Virgin Media telephone number will solve the problem. If not, an engineer visit can be scheduled for repairs. Should you need to reschedule a repair visit, you can do so online or by Virgin Media contact over the phone.

Virgin Media Broadband Service Options

There are three primary options available to customers who only want to order Virgin Media Broadband service. Additional options are available for those who want internet plus phone service. As there is no phone line with internet-only orders, there is no line rental fee charge. This, of course changes if you do option for a bundle that includes phone service. Activation fees may apply. Any Virgin Media customer service agent can explain all of the available options to you in detail.

At this time, the available broadband internet options include:

Super 50 Fibre Broadband: Up to 50Mbps. Suitable for small households connecting one to four devices. Superfast streaming and browsing with unlimited downloads.

Vivid 100 Fibre Broadband: Up to 100Mbps. Suitable for households connecting five to nine devices. Includes unlimited downloads.

VIVID 200 Fibre Broadband: Up to 200Mbps. Suitable for locations where 10+ devices will be connected. Excellent for streaming in HD, watching 4K, and more. Also includes unlimited downloads.

*For business broadband options, contact Virgin Media by call the phone number listed here.


Reporting Virgin Media Broadband Problems

Broadband problems such as service outages, faulty equipment, slow connection speeds, and more should be reported by calling the Virgin Media helpline. Technicians can help to troubleshoot problems and offer solutions. Any problem that cannot be solved by calling in will be addressed by having a technician come out and complete diagnostics and repairs. When equipment is at fault, the company may opt to send a new device via post. Should you need assistance with installing a replacement device, Virgin Media contact is recommended.

Virgin Media Accounts & Billing

Customers who have questions about their account or bills are free to call the Virgin Media helpline. Assistance is available for online accounts, payments, billing statements, contracts, and much more. The customer service team can explain any charges that appear on your billing statement, and if an error has been made, can reverse those charges. Agents can also help you with updating your account information or upgrading/downgrading your service subscriptions. Security issues and problems with logging in should also be directed to the Virgin Media customer service team.

Moving Home – Transferring Virgin Media Services

The company offers an easy, three-step process for moving home and transferring service(s). Step one is to check to make sure that VM services are offered in the area where your new residence is located. If that checks out, you can either request QuickStart self-install for at no cost, or pay £20 and have an engineer do everything for you. Step two is to call Virgin Media customer services to provide them with information about your move. The third step is to sign and return the new contract that is sent to you via post. Once these steps are complete, the service transfer request is complete.

Submitting Virgin Media Complaints

Should you have any complaints about your service, call the Virgin Media contact number as soon as possible. The Virgin Media Complaints Code of Practice is posted on the company website, and this document outlines the complaints procedure, while explaining how they go about solving problems. Complaints can be submitted via web chat, mail, or by calling the Virgin Media telephone number. To submit a complaint by mail, send the communication to: Complaints, Virgin Media, PO Box 333, Matrix Court, Swansea, SA7 9ZJ. Clearly, mail the slowest contact option, but this contact method may be suitable when there are documents to support your complaint.

Plusnet: 0870 280 9501

Plusnet is an award-winning communications provider that currently offers television, internet, and phone services. The company makes these services available to both individual and business customers, and also provides the opportunity to order single services or bundled services. The Plusnet contact number is open for incoming calls 7-days a week and customers are free to call with any questions or problems that they may have. Plusnet operates in most areas within the UK and operates under the motto, “We’ll do you proud.”

Plusnet Contact Number:
0870 280 9501


Contacting Plusnet Customer Service

Plusnet contact is offered via phone, live chat, email, social media, and post. The business hours for the Plusnet helpline are 7.30am – 10pm, seven days a week (have your username and password handy when calling). Live chat is an option during business hours, as is reaching out to the support team by way of social media. The company can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. For those who are interested in self-help options, there is an online discussion forum provided on the site, along with a variety of questions and answers that can be sorted by service and specific question.

Plusnet Broadband Service Options

Plusnet Broadband is UK-based Internet service provider that offers their services throughout 750,000 homes and businesses. They provide broadband services, landline options, and also digital television access. They allow customers to combine services as is needed, and they offer packages for both residential and business customers. Some of Plusnet’s service combinations include broadband and phone, home or business broadband only, and fibre broadband and phone. Fibre broadband is one of Plusnet’s best services. It is based on fiber optic technology that can produce extremely fast download speeds of up to 76Mbps depending on the phone line quality and other things.

Besides these services, Plusnet packages also come with a number of extras. All of their packages include unlimited broadband capabilities and no limits on usage. Orders also come with a dual band Wi-Fi router, and the activation fee is waived for phone packages and contracts. Plusnet also allows for safeguarding with their easy online parental control option. The company boasts of their Plusnet customer service that’s available 24/7, and they are also available to answer any calls regarding switching to Plusnet for services.

Some of their package options include line rental only. This basic option allows for no inclusive calls, for customers to call other Plusnet customers and the support line for free. An evening and weekend option may be added for an additional fee. For more calling capabilities, customers can choose the options to be able to use the line anytime and even to call internationally. These options are available for both fibre and broadband services that include the phone option. For those who only wish to get broadband, there are three download speed options: up to 17Mbps, 38Mbps, and 76Mbps. Call Plusnet to inquire about their pricing and how charges are applied.

For further information regarding how to apply for services and details on contracts, call the Plusnet contact number now to get connected.

Plusnet Broadband Service Problems

Plusnet Broadband service problems are solved promptly and efficiently. This company has an superb customer support team that can help customer solve connection problems, dial tone issues, wired or wireless issues, router and master socket problems, micro-filter issues, and much more. Help articles can be found posted on the site. This company offers help and support to customers through the Plusnet helpline, remote support, service status, customer support page, customer service phone, email, regular mail, online help page, and online chat. Help to solve problems is available to home customers, mobile customers and businesses.

This company invites customers to sign up and create an online account. A member centre is open so you can meet other customers just like yourself. Using the member centre will allow you to solve issues fast that concern email, webmail, domains, connection, usage, relocation of service, and more. You can join the community to get fast answers to questions and concerns. Customers are also offered package guides to help them during setup, learn more about network, connection and more. Customers may also call the Plusnet contact number to inquire about price changes, returns, refunds, no hassle policies, guarantees, and warranties too. If you are a new customer looking to switch over to this provider, then expert assistance will be available instantly.

Plusnet TV Service Options

Plusnet TV is a company that provides communications service to residents all around the UK. The company began with a simple dial up product in 1997. Since then, the company has grown to include a number of services including broadband phone and internet packages. With the recent introduction of fibre broadband, Plusnet TV has been able to offer faster and more reliable internet to their customers. The unlimited fibre, and unlimited fibre extra plans are available for people who want the highest quality internet that the company has to offer. It is a higher monthly fee for these services, but it is able to provide the customer with extra features.

For those who want to keep things simple, there is the basic unlimited package that, while somewhat slower, will still get the job done. It is also a good choice for members of this company who are trying to keep their expenses to a minimum. All of the products and services from Plusnet TV are able to remain competitive with similar communications providers. Potential customers who are looking into signing up with Plusnet TV may reach out if they have questions about pricing, in addition to which options are available in their area. Plusnet customer service agents can go over the different packages they are able to sign up for as well as the monthly payment schedule.

Current members of this company often feel the need to reach out if they are experiencing technical difficulties and require assistance. The company can be reached by calling the Plusnet contact number, by email, or through a number of social media sites. The user friendly website has a list of departments that are available to new and current users that can be reached to discuss a variety of questions and concerns. They have both tech support and sales teams that can be utilized in order to meet customer needs.

Reporting Plusnet TV Service Problems

Plusnet TV service problems can be easily reported to the customer service department’s expert staff. The Plusnet customer service staff is comprised of professionals that deliver excellent services and are prepared to offer technical assistance. They offer a help and support centre so you can get answers to questions and concerns. You may also visit the member centre and meet members just like yourself, read posts, find out about planned maintenance, service status and much more. Online chat is available to customers and this will save you quite a bit of time in communicating, diagnosing problems, getting answers to questions and more.

Customers can call the Plusnet telephone number to report problems such as a service outage or poor quality picture. Email contact is offered for added convenience. Other issues the staff can help you with are products, business solutions, sales, account, updating info, webmail, domain names, connection settings, usage, guides, register for the community, and more. Blogs are available so you can read what other customers experience, keep up to date with the latest news and newest product or services. You may also visit the help page, or join a discussion on the discussion forum. All customers’ privacy is honoured and highly confidential.

Plusnet Contact for Moving Home

Plusnet realizes that moving is a very involved and stressful process that leads to frustration. Therefore, it is vital to take the time to properly plan for your move. First, it is vital to contact the Plusnet customer service line to let the company know that you are moving. Make sure you take this step, at least two or three weeks before moving. It is also important to make sure that your telephone line is already setup before we are able to complete or transfer your services. Many customers have questions about the cost of the move. A number of factors determine whether or not there will be a transfer cost. Plusnet contact is recommended if you need details or more information.

Those that are interested in establishing a phone line when moving home should also call the Plusnet phone number for more information. The company offer customers several packages to consider. If you are interested in one of their service packages, just give them a call at your earliest convenience. If you already have another phone service provider, contact them for before scheduling a broadband move. The support team will fill you in with all the details to make the move seamless.

TalkTalk: 0870 280 9495

TalkTalk is a company that offers popular services such as pay television, broadband and fibre internet, home phone, and mobile phone services. The company may be best known for offering unlimited service packages that allow customers to watch, talk, or surf the net for as long as they wish without incurring any extra costs. TalkTalk offers their services as single or bundled options. The TalkTalk contact number is live seven days a week for incoming calls and the company offers support via other contact methods as well.

TalkTalk Contact Number:
0870 280 9495



Contacting TalkTalk Customer Service

TalkTalk customer services can be contacted by phone, online chat, email, and social media. The support hours for general enquiries called into the TalkTalk phone number are 8am to 10pm, seven days a week. Sales calls are accepted Monday -Thursday 8am to 10pm, Friday 8am to 9pm, and Saturday and Sunday 9am to 8pm. Online web chat is available on the TalkTalk website seven day a week, with the hours for support being 8am until 10pm. The company can be found on social media and can also be contacted via post. The contact address is as follows: TalkTalk Correspondence Dept. P.O. Box 346 Southampton SO30 2PW.

TalkTalk Broadband Service Options

TalkTalk Broadband is a communications company that specializes in providing phone, Internet, and television connection services. They offer a large variety of options and packages for customers with varying needs. TalkTalk also offers coverage for businesses looking to get connected online at faster speeds. Calling the TalkTalk contact number will place you in touch with someone who can provide a detailed explanation of the options and the ordering process for both businesses and personal residences.

Their broadband options include Simply Broadband and Fibre Broadband. Both options are completely unlimited and include free Internet security, a free SIM card, and free calls to other TalkTalk customers. While Simply Broadband can provide download speeds of up to 17Mbps, the Fibre Broadband option allows for up to a maximum of 76Mbps. The company also provides a router with more reliable connection capabilities. Call the TalkTalk phone number as shown here to learn more about their broadband services.

For television connection combined with internet service, customers should also call TalkTalk to learn of their services. The company offers Essentials or Plus options for television connection. Both of these options include broadband and calls as well. The Essentials TV option comes with a top box that allows customers to pause and rewind shows, catch up on missed regulars, have access to on-demand players and the latest in movies and whatever sports are in season. This option offers up to 17Mbps of broadband connection and free evening and weekend calls to landlines in the UK.

The Fibre option may be added to the Essentials TV option for faster Internet speeds. Their Plus TV option, on the other hand, comes with television, unlimited broadband, anytime calls, and a SIM. This option allows for everything the Essentials TV option has plus the ability to record up to 185 hours of TV, scrolling the screen up to 7 days back for missed shows, unlimited anytime calls to landlines in the UK, and a free SIM that includes 100 minutes of talk time, 250 texts, and 200MB of data. Contact TalkTalk customer service to get more information about how to avail of their TV bundles and broadband services.

TalkTalk Broadband Service Problems

TalkTalk offers customers a wide variety of broadband packages, plans, unlimited broadband, TV packages, free calls, bundle deals, connections, wireless routers, downloads, unlimited downloads, online security, contract plans, TV boxes, landline, apps, phone services, flexible options, on-demand content, add-ons, international calls, mobile, mobile SIM, fibre optic broadband, allowances, pay as you go plans, switching over services, competitions, line rental, online payment options, phone payment options, sport channels, customer privacy, security, sales, products, discounted services, special promos and much more. Customers are invited to call the TalkTalk contact number to report problems with any of these.

TalkTalk customer service experts offer highly friendly, professional, and prompt service to all customers and can help you solve all issues with broadband through technical support. Should your service not be functioning well, the technical service department can help troubleshoot the issue. Most problems can be solved by calling the TalkTalk helpline and speaking with an agent. If not, a technician visit can be scheduled for diagnostics and repair. This company wants customers to have an excellent connection through communicating with their team. They understand the importance of staying connected with the world.

TalkTalk TV Service Options

TalkTalk offers a variety of television service packages that are offered to suit a wide range of needs. When YouView is installed with the set top box, it allows customers to pause and rewind shows as well as record up to 185 hours of television. The unlimited broadband has 99.99% reliability and comes with a super router for advanced speed. Anytime calling allows for an unlimited amount of phone calls to UK landlines. There is also a standard internet security package that is available to protect the customer from online hazards.

TalkTalk TV is a competitive option for anyone looking for such services. Both their packages and pricing match up with other similar companies and are among the more well-known choices for any potential customer. Anyone looking into the services offered by the company can contact TalkTalk customer services with any questions and concerns. For example, if the pricing or the features included in a particular package is unclear, a customer service representative will be able to assist to the best of their ability. Current customers often feel the need to reach out when they are having problems with different aspects of their selected package.

In addition to reaching the company by phone or email, TalkTalk TV has a user friendly website that includes a live chat feature. Live chat can be used when a customer has a question and can be used in place of calling the TalkTalk telephone number. They will be able to help with anything from changing account settings to their specific privacy preferences. Anyone who currently uses TalkTalk TV as their service provider, or those who plan to use them in the future, has a number of methods in which they can reach out to solve their inquiries.

TalkTalk TV Service Problems

If you experience problems with your TalkTalk TV then you want to get these problems resolved as soon as possible. The easiest way to do this is to contact TalkTalk customer services. They will take the details of the problems that you are experiencing and will be able to advise you on the best course of action to take next. They can talk you through a range of troubleshooting options that may allow you to resolve the situation yourself. If this is not possible then they will be able to get an engineer out to you to put the problem right.

It will be helpful if you can give TalkTalk support as much detail as possible about the problems you are experiencing. It will be useful for them to know when you first noticed that the problem occurred. They may also want to know if the problem has been occurring constantly or intermittently. The more details that you are able to provide, the better chance there is of diagnosing what may be causing the problem. This can prevent you having to wait for an engineer to come out when there is something you may be able to do yourself to resolve the problem.

TalkTalk TV and Broadband Services – Moving Home

When you are moving home you will want to get your phone and broadband services up and running as soon as possible. TalkTalk customer services can help you do this, but you will need to let them know you will be moving at least fourteen days before the event. This will allow them to cancel the service in your current property. You can choose a moving date up to three months in advance which gives you plenty of time to get everything sorted.

When you call the TalkTalk telephone number regarding your move, there are a few things that you will need to let them know. They will need the full address of your new property, including the post code. It will also be helpful if you know what type of socket is in your new home, but they will be able to find this out if you don’t know. They will need an alternative number to contact you on in case of any problems and so a mobile number is likely to be best. You will also have the option to upgrade your plan or you can keep the same package as you have already. The equipment that you are using currently can be taken with you when you move.

Submitting TalkTalk Complaints

TalkTalk does take complaints seriously and provides several options for reporting a grievance. Customers can call the TalkTalk contact number, send an email, or submit a complaint via post. Email complaints should be sent to: A reply via email can take up to 72-hours. By post, complaints should be sent to: Customer Relations Department TalkTalk Group P.O. Box 346, Southampton, SO30 2PW. A reply can be expected within seven business days. The fastest options for complaint resolution are live chat and by dialing the TalkTalk phone number that is shown here.

Sky: 0870 280 9506

Sky is among the largest providers of subscription television, internet, and phone services in the United Kingdom. As such, the Sky customer service number is sought out by a large number of people each and every day. If you are wish to contact Sky immediately, call 0870 280 9506 or Freephone number 0800 151 2747 to be connected to the support team. The support team provides phone assistance seven days a week from 8:30am and 11:30pm. Support is also offered via supplemental contact methods such as email, live chat, and social media.

Sky Contact Number:
0870 280 9506


Those who have questions about television service options are encouraged to call the Sky contact number. Agents can provide details about each of the subscription options that are available, as well as the optional extras that are provided by the company. Call Sky phone numbers 0870 280 9506 or 0800 151 2747 (Freephone) to speak with an associate. Sky offers television subscriptions that are targeted towards sports, movies, children, and more. They also offer bundling options that allow customers to combine Sky TV with additional services such as internet and home phone.


Sky TV service is subject to equipment problems and service outages. Sky contact is recommended for those who are experiencing any problems with their service. Often, problems can be solved over the phone when calling the Sky customer service number. However, it may be necessary for a technician to come to your home or business to investigate the problem fully. When calling the Sky helpline, an agent can set up a repair visit if one is necessary, or arrange for the shipment of replacement equipment if yours is faulty.

Similar to Sky TV, Sky Broadband is offered with more than one subscription option. Customers can choose from regular broadband or the faster, fibre service. Call Sky customer services number 0870 280 9506 to explore the current options, or Freephone 0800 151 2747 to see what deals and specials are currently available. Also similar to television service, Sky Broadband does involve equipment and that equipment could fail to function. Contact Sky customer service to report internet services that is not functioning well, or not functioning at all.

Sky Talk is a landline phone option that is made available to both residential and business customers. With special deals offered by the company, the service is made available for a small monthly cost or possibly free for a period of time (line rental fee still applies). If you would like to order Sky Talk for your home or business, or wish to enquire about calling rates, contact Sky customer services. Information on the various talk plans is available, along with information regarding calling plans and options for International calls.

All Sky customers will have an account that can be accessed online. Account assistance, such as help with retrieving a password, is available. Dial Sky contact number 0870 280 9506 or Freephone number 0800 151 2747 to ask for help with setting up an account, logging in, or to report any security concerns. The aforementioned Sky phone numbers can also be used to submit a payment by phone or to ask questions about your billing statement. Through Sky contact, customers can receive a detailed explanation of any and all charges.

At times, customers may wish to submit a complaint to the company. The easiest option for submitting a complaint is to call the Sky customer service number. A support team member will hear the complaint and attempt to provide a solution if one is possible. If the response is not satisfactory, it is possible to escalate the complaint to a supervisor or manager. If that does not suffice, the ombudsman can be contacted. Most complaints are responded to within 10 days or less. To check the status of a complaint, contact Sky customer services.

Should you decide to cancel one or more of your services, call Sky contact number 0870 280 9506 or Freephone 0800 151 2747 to request service termination. The Sky customer services agent that you speak to can confirm the cancellation and provide you with information about any final charges or fees. These same Sky phone numbers may also be used to request a transfer of services when moving home. Request a transfer of services well in advance if you wish to enjoy uninterrupted services.