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BT is a provider of television, broadband, phone, and mobile services. BT Group offers services throughout the United Kingdom, while also providing service to the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, the Asia Pacific region, and throughout Europe. By way of the BT contact number, the company offers complete customer support for each of the services that they offer. Call the BT phone number shown here to connect with a live agent who can answer any questions that you might have and provide solutions for problems.

BT Contact Number:
0870 280 9507

How to Contact BT Customer Service

BT offers a substantial self-help section on their website, allowing customers to seek out information on their own prior to calling the BT helpline. They also offer an online community where customers can meet and share information that may be helpful. BT is on social media and is active on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Most however, choose to call the BT contact number and speak with a customer service team member. Phone support is offered Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm, and Sunday from 9am to 6pm.

btBT TV Service Options

BT offers several different pay TV options to customers. Each can be customised according to your viewing requirements. At this time, the three options include: Starter, Entertainment Plus, and Total Entertainment. Each requires a 12-month contract. BT customer services can provide information with regards to what a contract entails. Each service option does include a viewing box. The Starter comes with a YouView box, the Entertainment Plus comes with a YouView+ box, and the Total Entertainment comes with a YouView+ Ultra HD box.

With each BT TV service comes a number of channels, ranging from 80 to 133. At this time, BT Sport can be added to any service level for free. Optional upgrades include BT Sport HD and BT Sport 4K Ultra HD. Some packages also include extras such as:

  • AMC
  • Netflix
  • Sky Sports 1
  • Sky Sports 2
  • Sky Cinema
  • Kids TV
  • BT TV App
  • BT Store
  • Catch Up TV
  • BT Music
  • And More

There may be an activation charge for BT TV service, dependent upon the service package that is chosen. When shopping for BT Broadband and TV together, you will be required to select a television package first. Should you have questions about the available options or need guidance in the selection process, call the BT contact number and speak with a customer service agent.

Reporting BT TV Service Problems

Problems such as poor picture quality or a faulty viewing box should be reported by calling the BT TV helpline. A complete service outage should also be reported. The BT website does provide a tool that allows customers to check for area-wide service outages. It is best to use this tool before calling the BT contact number to report an outage. Typically, problems can be resolved by simply reporting them to the company or by completing a few troubleshooting steps with a BT support agent. However, it may be necessary for a technician to come to your home to complete repairs. If this is necessary, the customer service agent that you speak with will set a repair appointment with you.

BT Broadband Service Options

BT Broadband is offered in three service packages: Unlimited Broadband which offers speeds up to 17Mb, Unlimited Infinity 1 with speeds up to 52Mb, and Unlimited Infinity 2 with speeds up to 76Mb. All three of these service options offer unlimited data and a set amount of cloud storage (100GB for the Broadband and Infinity 1, 500GB for Infinity 2). A hub is also provided with each service option, with the Home Hub 4 coming with standard broadband and a BT Smart Hub coming with either of the Infinity options.

Home phone service is included and calls within the UK are completely free on the weekend. Additional calls may cost extra, so do contact BT to enquire about calling rates for various times and locations. Note that a line rental fee of £18.99 does apply to all BT Broadband service packages at this time, and in some cases, an activation fee will as well. New customers are advised to contact BT customer service to obtain a complete breakdown of all fees and costs that are associated with ordering new service, including one off and recurring costs.

Reporting BT Broadband Service Problems

Internet issues and equipment problems are possible from time to time. Calling the BT Broadband contact number is the fastest way to receive assistance. A member of the technical department can assist you with troubleshooting, and often, problems are solved within just one call to the BT phone number. In the case of faulty equipment, BT will provide a replacement (provided that the damage is of no fault of your own). If necessary, the company will send a repair technician to your residence or business location to complete repairs that cannot be solved over the phone.

Ordering BT TV + Broadband

Most customers choose to order BT TV and Broadband in a combined package in order to receive the best deal. When ordering online, the process will start with selecting a pay TV package, after which, a internet package will be chosen. All optional extras will be displayed, along with the charges for each. For new customers, special deals and pricing will be made available. With these often come specific requirements, such as agreeing to a contract term. Call the BT telephone number to request all of the specifics with regards to specials or to skip the online ordering process and order your services over the phone.

Moving Home – Transferring BT TV and BT Broadband

If you are planning a move and wish to take your BT services along with you, call the BT contact number to schedule a service transfer. Any customer service agent can provide you with information about how to complete the transfer with the smallest amount of service downtime. Do check to make sure that service is available in the area in which your new home is located. If it is not, you may be able to cancel your services and exit a contract without paying fees. The support staff can provide instructions for moving your equipment and getting everything set up and running in your new home.

BT Accounts & Billing

All BT customers are able to access their account online if they wish. Once signed in, you will be able to see a list of your services, view your billing statements, pay your bill, and make some changes to your personal information and services. For assistance with passwords, security concerns, or other problems with online accounts, contact BT customer services. Billing questions should also be directed to the customer service team. Payments are accepted by phone. Dial the BT contact number shown here to make a payment on your current or past bill.

Submitting BT Complaints

BT customer service does their best to offer a solution for each complaint. The company has a dedicated complaints area on their website, and does allow customers to submit complaints either online or by calling the BT telephone number. To submit a complaint online, select the service that you are experiencing issues with and then select the specific problem from a list of common issues. If BT support is not able to provide an acceptable solution within eight weeks, the complaint can be escalated by directing your complaint to Ombudsman Services. The contact number for Ombudsman Services in the United Kingdom is: 0330 440 1614.

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