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TalkTalk is a company that offers popular services such as pay television, broadband and fibre internet, home phone, and mobile phone services. The company may be best known for offering unlimited service packages that allow customers to watch, talk, or surf the net for as long as they wish without incurring any extra costs. TalkTalk offers their services as single or bundled options. The TalkTalk contact number is live seven days a week for incoming calls and the company offers support via other contact methods as well.

TalkTalk Contact Number:
0870 280 9495



Contacting TalkTalk Customer Service

TalkTalk customer services can be contacted by phone, online chat, email, and social media. The support hours for general enquiries called into the TalkTalk phone number are 8am to 10pm, seven days a week. Sales calls are accepted Monday -Thursday 8am to 10pm, Friday 8am to 9pm, and Saturday and Sunday 9am to 8pm. Online web chat is available on the TalkTalk website seven day a week, with the hours for support being 8am until 10pm. The company can be found on social media and can also be contacted via post. The contact address is as follows: TalkTalk Correspondence Dept. P.O. Box 346 Southampton SO30 2PW.

TalkTalk Broadband Service Options

TalkTalk Broadband is a communications company that specializes in providing phone, Internet, and television connection services. They offer a large variety of options and packages for customers with varying needs. TalkTalk also offers coverage for businesses looking to get connected online at faster speeds. Calling the TalkTalk contact number will place you in touch with someone who can provide a detailed explanation of the options and the ordering process for both businesses and personal residences.

Their broadband options include Simply Broadband and Fibre Broadband. Both options are completely unlimited and include free Internet security, a free SIM card, and free calls to other TalkTalk customers. While Simply Broadband can provide download speeds of up to 17Mbps, the Fibre Broadband option allows for up to a maximum of 76Mbps. The company also provides a router with more reliable connection capabilities. Call the TalkTalk phone number as shown here to learn more about their broadband services.

For television connection combined with internet service, customers should also call TalkTalk to learn of their services. The company offers Essentials or Plus options for television connection. Both of these options include broadband and calls as well. The Essentials TV option comes with a top box that allows customers to pause and rewind shows, catch up on missed regulars, have access to on-demand players and the latest in movies and whatever sports are in season. This option offers up to 17Mbps of broadband connection and free evening and weekend calls to landlines in the UK.

The Fibre option may be added to the Essentials TV option for faster Internet speeds. Their Plus TV option, on the other hand, comes with television, unlimited broadband, anytime calls, and a SIM. This option allows for everything the Essentials TV option has plus the ability to record up to 185 hours of TV, scrolling the screen up to 7 days back for missed shows, unlimited anytime calls to landlines in the UK, and a free SIM that includes 100 minutes of talk time, 250 texts, and 200MB of data. Contact TalkTalk customer service to get more information about how to avail of their TV bundles and broadband services.

TalkTalk Broadband Service Problems

TalkTalk offers customers a wide variety of broadband packages, plans, unlimited broadband, TV packages, free calls, bundle deals, connections, wireless routers, downloads, unlimited downloads, online security, contract plans, TV boxes, landline, apps, phone services, flexible options, on-demand content, add-ons, international calls, mobile, mobile SIM, fibre optic broadband, allowances, pay as you go plans, switching over services, competitions, line rental, online payment options, phone payment options, sport channels, customer privacy, security, sales, products, discounted services, special promos and much more. Customers are invited to call the TalkTalk contact number to report problems with any of these.

TalkTalk customer service experts offer highly friendly, professional, and prompt service to all customers and can help you solve all issues with broadband through technical support. Should your service not be functioning well, the technical service department can help troubleshoot the issue. Most problems can be solved by calling the TalkTalk helpline and speaking with an agent. If not, a technician visit can be scheduled for diagnostics and repair. This company wants customers to have an excellent connection through communicating with their team. They understand the importance of staying connected with the world.

TalkTalk TV Service Options

TalkTalk offers a variety of television service packages that are offered to suit a wide range of needs. When YouView is installed with the set top box, it allows customers to pause and rewind shows as well as record up to 185 hours of television. The unlimited broadband has 99.99% reliability and comes with a super router for advanced speed. Anytime calling allows for an unlimited amount of phone calls to UK landlines. There is also a standard internet security package that is available to protect the customer from online hazards.

TalkTalk TV is a competitive option for anyone looking for such services. Both their packages and pricing match up with other similar companies and are among the more well-known choices for any potential customer. Anyone looking into the services offered by the company can contact TalkTalk customer services with any questions and concerns. For example, if the pricing or the features included in a particular package is unclear, a customer service representative will be able to assist to the best of their ability. Current customers often feel the need to reach out when they are having problems with different aspects of their selected package.

In addition to reaching the company by phone or email, TalkTalk TV has a user friendly website that includes a live chat feature. Live chat can be used when a customer has a question and can be used in place of calling the TalkTalk telephone number. They will be able to help with anything from changing account settings to their specific privacy preferences. Anyone who currently uses TalkTalk TV as their service provider, or those who plan to use them in the future, has a number of methods in which they can reach out to solve their inquiries.

TalkTalk TV Service Problems

If you experience problems with your TalkTalk TV then you want to get these problems resolved as soon as possible. The easiest way to do this is to contact TalkTalk customer services. They will take the details of the problems that you are experiencing and will be able to advise you on the best course of action to take next. They can talk you through a range of troubleshooting options that may allow you to resolve the situation yourself. If this is not possible then they will be able to get an engineer out to you to put the problem right.

It will be helpful if you can give TalkTalk support as much detail as possible about the problems you are experiencing. It will be useful for them to know when you first noticed that the problem occurred. They may also want to know if the problem has been occurring constantly or intermittently. The more details that you are able to provide, the better chance there is of diagnosing what may be causing the problem. This can prevent you having to wait for an engineer to come out when there is something you may be able to do yourself to resolve the problem.

TalkTalk TV and Broadband Services – Moving Home

When you are moving home you will want to get your phone and broadband services up and running as soon as possible. TalkTalk customer services can help you do this, but you will need to let them know you will be moving at least fourteen days before the event. This will allow them to cancel the service in your current property. You can choose a moving date up to three months in advance which gives you plenty of time to get everything sorted.

When you call the TalkTalk telephone number regarding your move, there are a few things that you will need to let them know. They will need the full address of your new property, including the post code. It will also be helpful if you know what type of socket is in your new home, but they will be able to find this out if you don’t know. They will need an alternative number to contact you on in case of any problems and so a mobile number is likely to be best. You will also have the option to upgrade your plan or you can keep the same package as you have already. The equipment that you are using currently can be taken with you when you move.

Submitting TalkTalk Complaints

TalkTalk does take complaints seriously and provides several options for reporting a grievance. Customers can call the TalkTalk contact number, send an email, or submit a complaint via post. Email complaints should be sent to: A reply via email can take up to 72-hours. By post, complaints should be sent to: Customer Relations Department TalkTalk Group P.O. Box 346, Southampton, SO30 2PW. A reply can be expected within seven business days. The fastest options for complaint resolution are live chat and by dialing the TalkTalk phone number that is shown here.

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