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Virgin Media offers a wide variety of popular services, such as digital TV, broadband, landline phone service, and mobile phone service. Each of these is made available for both home and business customers and each can be ordered online or by calling the Virgin Media contact number and speaking with a customer service agent. Support is also made available for current customers by way of several contact methods. Read on to learn more about Virgin Media, its many services, and its support system for new and existing customers.

Virgin Media Contact Number:
0870 280 9504

Contacting Virgin Media Customer Service

Help and support are provided in several forms, including self-help options such as an online, interactive FAQ tool that can be accessed on the company website. Customers can also get helpful advice from the online community by paying a visit to the Virgin Media forums. Other online-only options for assistance are email, web chat, and social media. Most, however, choose to call the Virgin Media phone number whenever they wish to bypass these options and go straight to speaking with a support team agent. Phone lines are open seven days a week, from 8am until midnight. Live chat is also an option seven days a week, with the hours being 9am until 10pm.

Virgin Media TV + Broadband Bundle Options

For many, the choice is made to order Virgin Media TV and broadband services together. The good news? Doing so may save you quite a lot of money. The company is continually offering special rates for new customers, including promotions that offer discounted services for a period of time. A call to the Virgin Media contact number will allow you to speak with someone who can explain all the specials, along with what contracts they entail.

At this time, the bundling options include the following:

Big Easy: 60+ channels, with up to 10 HD channels. Up to 50Mbps fibre broadband. Unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile telephone numbers, plus calls to 0870 numbers.

Big Bang: 130+ channels, with up to 11 HD channels. Up to 100Mbps optical fibre. Unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile telephone numbers, plus calls to 0870 numbers.

Big Kahuna 100: 230+ channels, with up to 49 HD channels. Up to 100Mbps optical fibre. Unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile telephone numbers, plus calls to 0870 numbers.

Big Kahuna Sports 100: 235+ channels, with up to 49 HD channels. Up to 100Mbps optical fibre. Unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile telephone numbers, plus calls to 0870 numbers.

VIP: 260+ channels, with up to 66 HD channels. Up to 200Mbps optical fibre. Unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile telephone numbers, plus calls to 0870 numbers.

In order to receive special discounts on these bundles, a 12-month agreement will be required. Activation fees may apply and a line rental charge will be added monthly. Contact Virgin Media customer services to ask about the total monthly charges for bundles, as well as any one-off costs that are associated with ordering new service.

Virgin Media TV Service Options

Customers can order Virgin Media TV without ordering broadband service. There are several options to choose from, including special packages that place a focus on delivering lots of movies, sports, or all-around entertainment. At this time, television service options start at £10 a month with contract agreement and £17.99 a month line rental. Optional extras such as on demand viewing, Netflix, TiVo, and more may be added to TV service. Call the Virgin Media contact number to explore all of the available pay-TV options. Representatives can make recommendations based upon how you watch and what you prefer to watch.

Reporting Virgin Media TV Problems

Television problems such as poor picture quality, lack of service, missing channels, freezing picture, faulty equipment, and more should be reported to Virgin Media customer service. The company does make it possible to check your service status directly from their website. In many cases, troubleshooting measures completed via the Virgin Media telephone number will solve the problem. If not, an engineer visit can be scheduled for repairs. Should you need to reschedule a repair visit, you can do so online or by Virgin Media contact over the phone.

Virgin Media Broadband Service Options

There are three primary options available to customers who only want to order Virgin Media Broadband service. Additional options are available for those who want internet plus phone service. As there is no phone line with internet-only orders, there is no line rental fee charge. This, of course changes if you do option for a bundle that includes phone service. Activation fees may apply. Any Virgin Media customer service agent can explain all of the available options to you in detail.

At this time, the available broadband internet options include:

Super 50 Fibre Broadband: Up to 50Mbps. Suitable for small households connecting one to four devices. Superfast streaming and browsing with unlimited downloads.

Vivid 100 Fibre Broadband: Up to 100Mbps. Suitable for households connecting five to nine devices. Includes unlimited downloads.

VIVID 200 Fibre Broadband: Up to 200Mbps. Suitable for locations where 10+ devices will be connected. Excellent for streaming in HD, watching 4K, and more. Also includes unlimited downloads.

*For business broadband options, contact Virgin Media by call the phone number listed here.


Reporting Virgin Media Broadband Problems

Broadband problems such as service outages, faulty equipment, slow connection speeds, and more should be reported by calling the Virgin Media helpline. Technicians can help to troubleshoot problems and offer solutions. Any problem that cannot be solved by calling in will be addressed by having a technician come out and complete diagnostics and repairs. When equipment is at fault, the company may opt to send a new device via post. Should you need assistance with installing a replacement device, Virgin Media contact is recommended.

Virgin Media Accounts & Billing

Customers who have questions about their account or bills are free to call the Virgin Media helpline. Assistance is available for online accounts, payments, billing statements, contracts, and much more. The customer service team can explain any charges that appear on your billing statement, and if an error has been made, can reverse those charges. Agents can also help you with updating your account information or upgrading/downgrading your service subscriptions. Security issues and problems with logging in should also be directed to the Virgin Media customer service team.

Moving Home – Transferring Virgin Media Services

The company offers an easy, three-step process for moving home and transferring service(s). Step one is to check to make sure that VM services are offered in the area where your new residence is located. If that checks out, you can either request QuickStart self-install for at no cost, or pay £20 and have an engineer do everything for you. Step two is to call Virgin Media customer services to provide them with information about your move. The third step is to sign and return the new contract that is sent to you via post. Once these steps are complete, the service transfer request is complete.

Submitting Virgin Media Complaints

Should you have any complaints about your service, call the Virgin Media contact number as soon as possible. The Virgin Media Complaints Code of Practice is posted on the company website, and this document outlines the complaints procedure, while explaining how they go about solving problems. Complaints can be submitted via web chat, mail, or by calling the Virgin Media telephone number. To submit a complaint by mail, send the communication to: Complaints, Virgin Media, PO Box 333, Matrix Court, Swansea, SA7 9ZJ. Clearly, mail the slowest contact option, but this contact method may be suitable when there are documents to support your complaint.

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